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M is for Motivation

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The Alphabet Series

How to start writing …

Hang on … I’ll be with you in a minute.

There we have ‘motivation’ in a brief sentence.

You have had the inspiration. You want start writing. But do you? Begin—that is?

The enthusiasm to pick up a pen or pencil, sit down at a laptop, even record your words—where does that come from? Can we manufacture it? Call upon it at will?

How do you inspire yourself—when you have that writing to start, to continue or to finish—when you’ve stalled?

Those well-disciplined people, who have a set routine to their writing—which they stick to—have not stumbled upon it by chance. They have worked and worked to reach that creative nirvana.

As writers we must find our own way. Where and when to write? What time of day? How long to write for? These are all personal choices and what suits one person—may not someone else.

My motivation is spasmodic—sometimes great—sometimes not. I would like to even it out over the days, so I eventually reach my goal of writing some words every day. Even if it is only a few words, because, as we all know, once you begin writing, you want to continue.

But …

Motivation? It’s challenging. Solutions?

For me, having regular Book Sessions with my brother, helps so much. We talk, consider, task and support each other and we both benefit. Afterwards, I always feel extra motivated to write.

Reading about other writer’s battles, stops and starts, is heartening too. Because—all writers have their ups and downs.

We think it is easy for everyone else, but us. Rubbish!

So, my advice …

Challenge yourself. Find a buddy. Set a goal—small or large.

Sit in front of blank screen, open that blank page, turn that ‘record’ button and begin.

And once you have begun—continue for as long as you can.


One in a series called The Alphabet Series I hope you enjoyed reading M and perhaps, if I am fortunate, found it helpful.

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