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Roz Liddle

Roz Liddle is an English fiction writer born in Coventry at an exciting time.

Although it was a long time ago, she does remember reading an awful lot, including the incomparable Biggles. She has always loved arts and crafts, anything that can be made with your hands.

She admires the work of Jilly Cooper, Leslie Thomas & Dorothy Parker.  She loves films of all sorts but especially from the golden age of Hollywood.


Roz writes both short stories and poetry and has been published in several online publications, including: The Weekly Knob, P.S. I Love You, Lit Up, Creative Cafe, The Junction, Intimately Intricate, No Crime In Rhymin'.

Her work can also be seen on Medium.

The first anthology of her work will be published in paperback and on Kindle in March 2020.

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