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Derrick Cameron

Derrick Cameron is an English fiction writer, born in 1969 in Coventry, West Midlands.

He grew up watching the original Star Trek series, Doctor Who and the great movie franchises from the 80s. He started reading fiction as early as he can remember and took to writing it at the age of nine.


His influences include Dean Koontz, Ben Bova, Arthur C Clarke, Philip K Dick, Clive Barker and Frank Herbert.


His interests include technology, the supernatural, outer space and neuroscience - all of which are reflected in his writing. He writes primarily short fiction, in multiple genres: fantasy, thriller, crime, dystopia and, his first love, science fiction.


He is a writer for a number of online publications, including The Junction, Lit Up, Don't Wake the Mage, The Creative Cafe and P.S. I Love You.


His first book Short Fiction Collection: Volume 1 was published in July 2019.

You can also find his work on Medium

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